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Puerto Vallarta Snorkeling Tours

Private Snorkeling Tours

Per definition, snorkeling is a sport of swimming with a face mask and snorkel. True, but...

Snorkeling trips in Puerto Vallarta with Vallarta Explore are authentic, fun, and personalized underwater experiences. It is not just swimming with a face mask. Snorkeling is exploring, it is seeing, it is being amazed and having fun while doing all that in the warm Pacific Ocean waters of the Banders Bay!

Snorkeling is one of the simplest activities you can do to get acquainted with the marine world and it is sure worth a try, there are many underwater treasures awaiting to be discovered in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta ocean waters.

Put your mask on and let Vallarta Explore show you what Puerto Vallarta's Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Check our individual snorkeling pages for more information and to book the excursion right for you and yours! Let Vallarta Explore take you out snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta!