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Snorkeling Marietas Islands

Marietas Islands Puerto Vallarta

Marietas Islands are a small group of Islands in the Banderas Bay of Puerto Vallarta inhibited only by wild life and marine life.

The Marietas Islands are a National Park declared by the Mexican government and protected against any fishing, hunting or human activity.

They are completely uninhabitated and no one can set a foot there without special permission.

In the early 1900s the government did some military tests at the Islands which included bombings and explosions due to which amazing caves and rock formations were created.

Marietas Islands is an awesome snorkeling and diving location where you will often see sea turtles, wild dolphins, manta rays, octapus, humpback whales (in season) and more. Few thousand birds call Marietas Islands home, most popular being the Blue-footed Booby.

Vallarta Explore is one of the few companies with government permits to take you there!
Let us show you our hospitality on this authentic excursion.

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